Thursday, December 23, 2010

Return from hiatus: The Home Edition

Texting conversation between Erik, Sharon, and later, me. We were all in the same room at once.

Sharon: You so fine you blow my mind.

Erik: You so fly I say oh my.

S: You so bodacious I less efficacious.


L: You both so weird I feel afeared.

S: You so weird I am endeared.

E: You so proper I feel dopper. (dapper)

L: You so hip you make me flip.

S: You so golden I am beholden.

E: You so coo you make me poo.

L: You so whoppin I soon be droppin.

E: Is that a fat joke? You so mean I eat lima beans.

L: You so lean I gonna scream.

I love my family.