Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's finally happened.

I first learned about the meteorological habit of naming tropical storms/hurricanes in first grade. I remember sitting on those two by three foot carpet squares in Mrs. Copeland's classroom as we watched a video about hurricanes. It was relevant because there was a particularly large hurricane that year, and I was worried that some people would go to work and come home and not have a house. I was concerned.

And then I learned that they differentiate between storms by naming them according to the letters of the alphabet, but alternating genders. I did some quick thinking and realized that even if they DID get all the way to the letter L, it would be a boy's name. I despaired. Because not only were hurricanes and tropical storms dangerous and scary, and I was afraid for the people living in their paths, but there was no hope that one could ever share my name. Though frightening, it would be pretty cool to share a name with such an awesome weather pattern. I made a wish right then and there using my lucky magic number that someday I would be able to share a name with a hurricane or tropical storm.

My friends, the day has come. Meteorologists have name the twelfth tropical storm this year, and her name is Lisa. Boom bam, baby. First grade wishes have power.

Oh, and by the way: my first grade lucky magic number? Number 12.